Holistic Sheet Mask


Clean, Pure and Free from the bad stuff

Our sheet masks are clean, pure, & free of the bad stuff, making it exactly what your skin needs to thrive.
We are Eco-Conscious and use Japanese eco-certified organic ingredients(*1), 100% pure essential oils(*2) and Natural Cotton Sheet.

Get wrapped in the bouquet of aroma with our sheet masks and give yourself permission to be kind to yourself and your skin!

(*1) Morning Sunrise Mask: Cucumber, Multiflora Rose, Thyme 
Evening Moonlight Mask: Blueberry, Rosemary, Common Hawthorne.

(*2) fragrance

100% Pure Essential Oil *fragrance

Our "Delightful Aroma" use 100% Natural Essential Oil. Morning Sunrise Aroma and Evening Moonlight Aroma relaxes you while hydrating skin. Sunrise Aroma contains Hinoki Cypress, Geranium, & Lavender, Moonlight Aroma contains Litsea Cubeba, Lemon, & Lavender.

Bad stuff free

Cruelty FREE
Mineral Oil FREE
Articial Dye FREE
Alchole FREE
100% Natural Essential Oil*
100% Natural Cotton Sheet

Unlike other sheetmasks, we use 100% Japanese natural cotton sheets. Enjoy the soft, gentle feel with our 100% essential oil scent!



One of the unique ingredients in Mochi Mochi sheet mask is “Wamino-Bonbon.” It is pure Japanese extract which consists of sake lees and the molasses of the high-grade Japanese sugar. "Wamino Bonbon” is a preservative-free, natural cosmetic ingredient, and is also sustainable and traceable.


Our main ingredients come from certified organic eco farms in Japan. 

The Morning Masks are rich with Cucumber, Multiflora Rose, and Thyme and The Evening Masks are overflowing with Blueberry, Rosemary, and Common Hawthorne.