1 min/10min quick facial at home


Mochi Mochi is All in One!
With one sheet, you get everything you need.

Morning Sunrise: Face Wash + Toner + Serum + Moisturizer
Evening Moonlight: Toner + Serum + Moisturizer

"Mochi Mochi" means your skin is soft and dewy. Just like those Mochi Ice-Cream!

1 minute facial

Morning Sunrise Sheet Mask

*Apply for 1 min

Face Wash

100% Natural Essential Oils

Fragrance: Sunrise
Cypress + Geranium + Lavender

10 minutes facial

Evening Moonlight Sheet Mask

*Apply for 10 minutes

100% Natural Essential Oils

Fragrance: Moonlight : Litsea Cubbeba + Lemon + Lavender

How to Use

1. Open the lid and take out the masks oneby one from top.
2. Spread the folded mask and apply itto the whole face, positioning the holes over the eyes andmouth.
3. Gently unflod sheet mask and place on face adjusting eye, nose and mouth openings to fit.Now kick back, relax and leave it on for Maximum 10 to 15 minutes.
4. Remove mask and massage remainingserum onto your face. *You can use it for daily care * After using, please apply lotion or cream ifnecessary. 

*The remaining serum on the mask can be used to moisturize other dry areas of your skin,such as neck elbows, and knees etc.