Customer Reviews

Customers Love Mochi Mochi!


Those masks are insane!! My face is so sensitive to everything I’ve ever tried. So I always stick to the same products. But I literally see a calm/smooth skin as soon as I take it off 🙌🏽🙌🏽 I’m obsessed.

Rachel, Los Angeles


My skin doesn’t really do well with strong chemicals or scents in perfume. I love the MM Morning Masks!!! I like the cooling effect on the day mask. I also used the night mask and I love it. It’s so moisturizing and my face felt super soft in the morning :)

Olivia, Pasadena, CA


“The evening mask that is scented with lavender oil is my current go to for calming. I dont just use it in the evening… I use it when my I need an overall wind down. In the last. I leave it on for about 15 mins, and in the last 5 mins, I use my roller to massage all the mask moisture into my skin. I have sensitive skin, and this mask is wonderful! No irritation or reactions. Can’t wait to try the Morning mask!💆🏻‍♀️

Nicole, Los Angeles


Whenever I have a skin problem on my especially forehead, I use Mochi Mochi Evening mask. I get small bumps when I'm stressed or tired, I know I need some hydration. I usually use the evening mask for 2-3 days in a row and forehead clears✨

Amy, Venice, California


Sheet masks have always been a part of my skin routine so I've tried many different brands and I was shocked how soft and juicy Mochi Mochi masks were. I bought the Evening mask because I loved the scent but now I'm obsessed with the Morning mask because it replaced my whole morning skin care routine. I wake up and put the mask on and I'm ready to go!

Naomi, Los Angeles

Can't live without them!

Mochi Mochi is my favorite mask. I use the day and night one. I used to use the La Mer sheet mask, but this one has given me more results.
The brightness and clear skin from these masks are incredible. I notice I have been breaking out less and I have brighter skin. I take them with me where ever I travel. They are a must have and I don’t leave home without them💖

Nadine, Los Angeles